A Phase II Study of Efatutazone, an Oral PPAR Agonist, in Combination with Paclitaxel in Patients with Advances Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer.

Contact Information
Contact Name: Oncology Research
Contact Phone: 810-762-8039 -or- 810-762-8181 Toll Free: 888-762-8675
Contact E-mail: WStrong@ghci.org

This information is intended to give a brief overview of the clinical trial. To help determine whether the trial is appropriate for an individual, selected major eligibility criteria are listed above. To obtain more details related to trial eligibility and the treatment plan, please talk to your physician or a GHCI Oncology Research Nurse at 762-8039. For more information about clinical trials, please visit the NCI cancer trials website at http://cancertrials.nci.nih.gov.

Research & Trial Information

Protocol#: Alliance – A091305

Cancer Type: Head & Neck (Thyroid)


  1. Patients must have histologically or cytologically diagnosed advanced ATC.
  2. Patients must have Measurable Disease.
  3. Patients must have either metastatic (Stage IVC) or locally advanced unresectable disease (Stage IVB).
  4. Patients should have resolution of any toxic effects of prior therapy (except alopecia) to Version 4.0 grade 1.
  5. There is no limit to the number of prior lines of treatment a patient has received.
  6. No treatment with chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, biological therapy, hormonal therapy or other thiazolidinediones < 21 days before study registration.
  7. No prior taxane therapy < 6 months, except as a radiosensitizer.
  8. No history of severe medical conditions and/or co-morbidities.
  9. No current symptomatic, untreated or uncontrolled brain metastases.
  10. At least 18 years of age.
  11. ECOG performance status 0-2
  12. No grade 2 or higher of neuropathy